How to Create Your Own Winter Capsule Wardrobe

How to create your own winter capsule wardrobe

If you haven’t started building a capsule wardrobe, you’re missing out. A capsule wardrobe is a specially selected fashion collection that lets you mix and match as many outfits as possible. You don’t need to buy a million things to have a million looks! All you need is a bit of strategy.

We’re loving this capsule wardrobe trend. It’s killing the ever-dreaded “I have nothing to wear” sentiment and, better yet, it’s awesome for the environment! That’s because you’re choosing a few high-quality, versatile pieces instead of filling your closet with cheaply-made unsustainable fast-fashion items that you’ll rarely wear.

Winter 2023 snuck up on us fast! Instead of scrambling to fill your closet with the latest trends, let us help you create your versatile winter 2023 capsule wardrobe. Better yet, your winter capsule wardrobe items can help you build new trending looks in future seasons. 

Here’s what you’ll need in your winter 2023 capsule wardrobe.

A Good Pair of Jeans

A trusty pair of jeans often go with almost anything, so they’re a must-have for any capsule wardrobe. Jeans are casual, but not so casual that you can’t wear them out on the town. It’s so easy to dress them up or dress them down for almost any occasion. 

Winter 2023 is all about cargo jeans. The baggy cargo look was a hot trend in 2022 and now it’s all the rage for jeans. Take a look at these slim cargos by Mavi or this gunmetal gray high-rise pair, also by Mavi.

A Few Minimalist Shirts That Match Anything

Minimalist shirts are a capsule wardrobe must-have. Prioritize solid colours that can go with anything. Of course, you’ll want more than one shirt, but strategically choose subtle tones and layerable items. This way, you can make five shirts look like ten!

Pantone’s colour trends for winter 2023 are red, orange, pink, and light blue. Coffee colours are also a big deal right now. Plain black shirts are classic, but grab some tees in these colours to be on top of winter 2023 fashion. Check out this sedona oversized top by Gentle Fawn or this girlfriend tee by Jackson Rowe in guava. 

Cozy, Minimalist Sweaters

Chunky, comfy sweaters seem to be everyone’s favourite item every fall and winter. Winter 2023 is no different. They’re also great for your capsule wardrobe. It’s easy to layer a jacket over a sweater or pair it with a knitted scarf.

Stay on top of Pantone’s colour trends with your sweaters, too. Try this wild orchid sweater by Gentle Fawn or this light blue pullover by RD Style.


Pink might not seem like a winter colour, but the world’s top designers certainly think it is this year. It’s all a continuation of the growing Y2K Barbiecore trend that’s been taking the fashion world by storm. 

You may or may not want to go all-in with the Barbie aesthetic, but pink accents can work in lots of different looks. Pink matches many of the neutral tones that dominate most capsule wardrobes like black, gray, and brown.

This purse by Pixie Mood can add a pop of pink to any outfit. While it may not be pink, you can still add a touch of Barbie to your minimalist wardrobe with this subtle heart necklace by Eliasz and Ella.

Statement Cardigans

Like sweaters, cardigans are always a big deal in fall and winter. Winter 2023 trendsetters are making their cardigans the focal point of their wardrobes. Get one for your capsule wardrobe so you can join the trend now and keep wearing it later. 

People might be focusing on statement cardigans right now, but cardigans are also great complementary items in other looks. They’re totally versatile.

This Ember Fringe cardigan by Saltwater Luxe is bold enough to make a statement, yet subtle enough to take the backseat in other outfits. The same goes for this patchwork cardigan by Lost in Lunar

A Dress or Long Skirt That You Can Style up or Down

Ankle-length skirts are a winter 2023 trend. That’s great news for capsule wardrobe enthusiasts. Maxi dresses and ankle-length skirts are incredibly versatile. The same one can fit either casual or formal attire based on how you dress it. 

This Lana black maxi slip dress by Deluc is endlessly layerable, and this Scorpio black maxi skirt by Jackson Rowe is hitting that winter 2023 ankle-length trend.

A Touch of Faux Fur

Faux fur jackets are in, and honestly, any capsule wardrobe could use at least one. They have vintage appeal without looking stale. They’re fashionable, yet cozy, and you don’t need to feel guilty for having one since all the fur is fake.

Try this Ivie faux fur jacket by Saltwater Luxe. It’s available in neutral caramel and foggy light blue, which are both trending colours this season. 

Accent Prints and Accessories

The point of a capsule wardrobe is that you want everything to be as versatile as possible. For that reason, you probably don’t want to go ham on the prints. However, you don’t need to abandon them either. Printed accessories, shoes, and a couple of shirts can match other minimalist pieces to create a whole new look. 

Check out this layerable leopard-print cami by Suzy D. London or this comfy striped sweater by Saltwater Luxe.

Remember, Your Capsule Wardrobe is Yours

The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is for it to be a timeless reflection of your personal tastes. Most enthusiasts aren’t concerned by current trends and would rather keep things their own. 

That doesn’t mean seasonal trend followers can’t have a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are all about creativity. If you follow trends, you can totally utilize your capsule clothing to suit the season. All of our suggestions should still be great additions to your collection even after winter 2023 is over.

Get Your Capsule Wardrobe Off to a Great Start!

Tia B Boutique is open by appointment 7 days a week at 171 Grandview Trail in Corman Park, Saskatchewan. We only sell the highest quality fashion clothing, so you know that anything you buy from us will make an excellent addition to your capsule wardrobe.

Book your free personal shopping appointment or shoot us a text at 306-230-7199. If you’re not in the area, we also offer free shipping to any Canadian customer who purchases $150 or more. 

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