Spring Has Sprung! Here Are 9 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

Spring has sprung! Here are 9 ways to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring

We love winter, but after a while, we start to miss the sunshine. Once the snow starts to melt, we’re ready to put away our thick jackets and bring out our light, flowy sweaters. Spring is all about looking like you’re ready to run through the fields or hang out on your front steps. Most winter looks can be adjusted to fit this aesthetic. 

If you live on the Canadian prairies like we do, you know that spring weather can be a bit unpredictable. Spells of warm and cold days can make choosing the best outfit confusing. Versatility is key. You need clothes that are warm enough for chilly winds, yet cool enough for the welcome return of the warm sun.

With that in mind, here are nine tips on how you can plan your spring wardrobe. If you need any additions, we’ll offer some advice on which boutique clothing items will get you spring-ready.

1. Give the heavy sweaters a rest

We love chunky-knit granny sweaters, but they’re a little too warm for spring weather. Lighten things up with thinner sweaters and cardigans. Start prioritizing your cottons over your wools. It’s still a bit too cool for summery satins, but cotton is the perfect in-between.

This side slit duster cardigan by RD style is a gorgeous deep green that matches the transition time between winter and spring. It’s super-soft and works for casual jeans and a T-shirt or business attire.

2. Bring out the sunglasses

It’s not quite summer, but it’s a lot brighter out. The leftover snow on the ground reflects the sunlight, making things even harder on the eyes. You don’t need to wait until June to bring out the sunglasses.

You could even try a pair with pink or mauve-tinted lenses like this one from Shady Lady. A colourful tint in your shades keeps the floral, spring theme alive while keeping your eyes safe from the surprisingly bright sun.

3. Put away the toques and pull out the sunhats

Knitted beanies are definitely cute in spring, but you don’t need the winter toques anymore. Sunhats are another summery accessory that easily fit the spring season. Brimmed hats can give a romantic touch of pastoral flare to any spring outfit.

This natural straw hat by Ace of Something has a subtle touch of pastel pink to top off any flowery, pastoral look. Pair it with a long cardigan or ankle-length skirt and textured blouse.

4. Flourish in florals

Nothing says spring like flowers, and your clothes can be part of that picture. Floral prints or subtle floral accents can transform an outfit you wore during winter into a spring look. Even something as simple as floral jewelry can bring out the spirit of spring.

Go with a trendy graphic tee like this one by Project Social T for a cozy, laid-back spring look. You could also try pairing jeans and a T-shirt with this floral-accented bomber jacket by Saltwater Luxe.

5. Feel playful in a lively romper

Jumpers are a fun, lively layer on most solid-coloured tees. They look a little out of place in winter, but spring is their time to shine. The coverall look is reminiscent of gardens, meadows, and childhood nostalgia.

Gentle Fawn has these cuffed coveralls that keep your romper safe from the muddy ground. The light, lived-in look is totally spring-like and it’s made from 100% cotton, which is the ideal material for spring weather.

6. It’s time for textured blouses and quarter sleeves

It’s not quite time for tank tops, and sweater weather is over. Quarter sleeves are right in-between. Textured blouses are great for refreshing pastoral outfits, especially when they’re paired with a long skirt. 

Whites and pastels are the most spring-like choices, but we love quarter-sleeved blouses of any colour. For example, this black quarter-sleeved textured blouse by Mink Pink could still totally fit the look.

7. Leggings are back

Leggings are a fall fashion staple, but they’re also perfect for spring. Light, loose-fitting cardigans and flowy blouses look great with a pair of leggings. It makes sense that spring and fall are their seasons. They’re warm enough for the chilly wind, yet breathable so you don’t overheat.

Pair these ¾ length leggings by C’est Moi with a shorter skirt to build a summery look that works in spring. Or, just go with the ultimate leggings by Priv to mix and match them with just about anything. 

8. Be prepared for chilly days

It’s not summer yet. Gloomy days in spring still get quite chilly. You might not need full winter gear, but don’t disregard all your warm clothing. It’s not too hard to stay warm without looking like you’re stuck behind in winter. 

Denim jackets scream cool spring day. This laid-back denim jacket by Sadie and Sage can go on top of a long-sleeved shirt or a maxi dress on warmer days. Try it with this Hailey Rose Smoke sweater by Gentle Fawn for a light look that’s still relatively warm.

9. Don’t let the mud ruin your look!

Spring is wet. Snowmelt and rainfall combine for absolutely messy results. Wear the right footwear for the conditions and watch your pants or skirt line. Maybe, save the exaggerated baggy bottoms for a season with a bit less mud.

Cuffed jeans are a fashionable look that’s safe from the wet weather. This pair by Silver Jeans keeps up with the baggy jean trend without dragging your hemlines through the mud. 

Give Your Style a Spring Cleaning

Say goodbye to winter and add a little spring to your sets. Visit us at 171 Grandview Trail in Corman Park, Saskatchewan any day of the week. We’d be happy to help with your style spring cleaning with a free personal shopping appointment

We love fashion as much as you do. At each appointment, we consider your personal tastes, body type, and where you need to wear your clothes. The season is only one part of the whole picture.

You can call or text us at 306-230-7199 to book your appointment, or order from our online shop to get free shipping on purchases of $150 or more (within Canada only).

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