Must-Have Clothing Essentials for Cozy and Chic Fall Fashion

Must-have clothing essentials for cozy and chic fall fashion

Sugar, spice, and everything nice: The fall season has us feeling excited for a number of reasons every year.

Nothing tops the feeling of crunching through the colourful leaves on the way to pick out the perfect pumpkin for an Instagram-worthy carving, or grabbing a spiced latte on a crisp stroll while browsing through spooky movie titles for a spine-chilling evening in!

Aside from these classic autumn traditions, however, perhaps our favourite aspect of the season is its fashion. (Are you even that surprised?)

With that being said, it’s important for every stylish woman to keep several fall staple pieces in her wardrobe, to be ready for wear as soon as the first leaf of the season hits the ground.

Here are some of the most essential and must-have clothing items that will help make it effortless to pull together ultra-chic and cozy autumn looks:

1. Base layers, such as basic tees and button-ups

Let’s start by literally covering the bases of cozy and chic fall fashion. Base layers describe the tops that you layer underneath mid-layers, such as jackets and cardigans, but of course, they can also be worn solo.

These base layers include plain or graphic tees, classic white button-ups, blouses with unconventional sleeves, and even sweaters that are on the thinner side if you happen to live somewhere chillier (think crewnecks, V-necks and turtlenecks).

2. Chunky sweaters and thicker knits

Aside from sweaters on the lighter side that can be used as a base layer, nothing quite celebrates the fall season while providing much-needed warmth like a chunky knit.

Pair a thick sweater with a flattering neckline, or turtleneck with some straight-leg jeans, for a cute and simple look that is sure to keep you warm. Elevate and add textural appeal with the perfect cable knit, or go with an oversized collar for a distinctly chic vibe that you also won’t be caught shivering in.

3. Mid-layer jackets and cardigans

There’s nothing that can pull a fall look together quite like a stylish jacket or cozy cardigan atop any basic base layer. These mid-layer and often-used outer-layer pieces not only help us transition our outfits from the summer to fall with ease, but also provide us with the perfect dose of warmth in the cooler, pre-winter weather.

Popular styles of jackets we love include the ever-so-stylish shacket, which are currently taking over our boutique racks in a variety of snazzy styles. We also love when the shacket is worn a little oversized. (It can make us feel a little like Ariana Grande, and we aren’t at all opposed to that. Yuh.)

A fitted leather blazer takes the cake when sporting a more sophisticated fall look, while also hinting at a Matrix-style aesthetic brimming with cool factor. We love topping a casual look with a laid-back denim jacket (oversized or fitted). And, of course, the classic trench jacket will always be around as a chic autumn staple that can do no wrong.

4. Denim jeans

Denim jeans will forever be a fashion staple when it comes to dressing cute and casual (with the option of dressing up) during the chillier months. The right pair of jeans can make any woman feel like a million bucks and can create an effortlessly sharp look for the fall. And with so many styles and washes to build your outfit around, denim jeans are truly one of the most versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe.

Currently, we’re seeing a little bit of everything, from classic straight-leg jeans to the mom and dad-inspired wider leg jeans in a variety of washes and lengths. While skinny jeans may have taken a backseat for a while, prompting many “Are skinny jeans uncool?” Google searches from concerned millennials, we’re proud to say that the skinnies have always had their place in our wardrobes and have even begun to make a more fashionably acceptable comeback in recent months (cheers to that!).

For now, though, make sure to style your skinnies accordingly, and mix things up to ensure your look is current.

5. Non-denim pants

Aside from jeans, your wardrobe requires a few non-denim alternatives to pair with your tops and jackets, for when life calls for a less casual and more sophisticated vibe.

Having on hand a pair of basic black trousers, or trousers in the dark grey family with straight, or even slightly flared silhouettes, will ensure you can always pull together the perfect look for work or dressier occasions (or paired with a snazzy blazer for an undeniably #girlboss aesthetic).

6. Sweatpants and leggings

We love striking the perfect balance between comfortable and cute. Thus, sporting the right pair of cozy sweatpants or leggings on a chilly fall day can pull together a look that you can feel both attractive and relaxed in.

Cotton sweatpants are a classic casual piece, but don’t be afraid to explore vegan leather styles for a more elevated ensemble. On the other hand, rock your sexiest athleisure look with the right pair of leggings, that suggest you’ve just come back from a pilates workout and are now on your way to run some errands while looking effortlessly chic.

7. Versatile dresses

The versatile or transitional dress is another great autumn piece to keep in your closet for those days when you feel like mixing things up (or, alternatively, like not having to wear pants).

Current autumn dress trends include generally dark dresses containing floral prints, maxi dresses, satin slip dresses, dresses with ruffles, fringes, or other voluminous features and we can’t forget the cozy sweater dress.

8. Hats

Fortunately, there are a ton of different hat styles that can finish off your fall outfits in the chicest and most stylish way possible. From athleisurely baseball hats to super-warm beanies, or the trendy Billy Cap and classic flat-brim styles, the perfect autumn hats are out there for you to top off your look in a way that’s both fashionably memorable and uniquely yours.

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