Bundling up Without Looking Bulky This Winter: A Complete Guide

Bundling up without looking bulky this Winter: A complete guide

Oh, the weather outside is frightful - but the right winter outfit can be so delightful! With that said, there’s a science to assembling any winter ensemble that both flatters the body and weathers the cold.

Basically, what we’re talking about is layering pieces strategically so as not to appear bulky, but to strike the perfect balance between bundled and beautiful!

So, without further ado, here are our top 7 tips on how to bundle up without looking bulky this winter season.

1. Choose a Thin Base Layer

When it comes to layering clothes for colder temperatures, it’s wise to start with a thinner and more form-fitting base layer, such as a turtleneck tee or basic t-shirt, camisole or tank top.

This will ultimately help to keep your layered outfit looking as slender as possible, and you’ll also be able to retain heat more effectively than if you were to start off with a loose-fitting/baggy sweater or shirt. It’s truly a win-win!

ThisKodie Mock Neck Top from Sadie and Sage makes for a perfect starting layer to any high-waisted winter outfit.

2. Choose a Slimmer Pant

The same rule applies to pants as it does with base layers: keep them slender and form-fitting. This will help maintain shape and avoid too much heaviness in your winter ‘fit, and balance out all the layering you’ll be doing on top.

From straight-leg denim and dress pant styles, bootcut and skinny jeans to leggings and all of your thigh-hugging faves, it’s easy to avoid looking too bulky when choosing the right type of pants.

We love the comfy and supportiveHorizon High-Rise Black Legging from Gentle Fawn for winter looks that call for slender pants.

3. Pick Elongating Footwear

You might not have considered your shoes to have any influence on whether your winter outfit appears bulky or not, but they certainly can! In fact, choosing footwear that creates an illusion of elongation for the leg and foot will help to visually pull the outfit vertically, thus resulting in less of a bulky or wide appearance overall.

Choose an ankle bootie with a pointed toe and, ideally, a bit of a heel, or bring out your favourite over-the-knee boots for a slender, leggy component that helps to combat any bulk in your layered attire.

This also means avoiding rounder-toed boots and shoes, as they can offer a chunky quality you may want to steer clear of if you don’t want to add bulk.

4. Pick a Form-Fitting Jacket

There are so many styles of winter jackets that are equally slender and warm. Take the long puffer jacket, for example: so long as you avoid styles that draw inspiration from jumbo marshmallows, then you can safely rock your outer layer without feeling like a bulky mess.

And conveniently, you can choose even thinner puffers for days when the sun isn’t completely in hiding.

Structured wool coats also make a great outer layer, and any jacket with a cinched drawstring is sure to help add shape to your layered winter ensemble. No drawstring? Use a belt to break things up and highlight that waist!

Our timelessAlba Long Length Black Coat from Deluc is both lengthy and belt-inclusive for effortless winter layering.

5. Avoid Too Much of the Same Colour

Piling on layers of the same colour family will actually result in a bulkier appearing outfit, whereas mixing and matching a few different harmonious shades can work to break up and add depth and dimension to your look.

Besides, there’s far more to appreciate about a carefully curated colour scheme, especially when you have the layers to do it.

With that being said, try to make sure the colours you mix also agree with the latest colour trends of the season, or all your efforts may not be as appreciated to their full potential!

6. Don’t Skip the Accessories

If you’ve managed to keep all of your layers as form-fitting and complementary as possible without stepping into bulk territory (which should be the case if you’ve followed the above tips), then it’s time to complete your winter look.

Consider adding a cozy accessory such as a cable knit or blanket scarf, as well as an additional hat like a soft flat brim or classic beanie with a pom pom for that added height

Such accessories are a great way to pop on some additional colour and texture, all while contributing extra warmth that you’ll need for those particularly chilly days.

Behold, our charming and elegant Matilda Beige Flat Brim Boater Hat from Ace of Something, available in a soft beige that’s sure to add height to your layered look.

7. Give Your Look a Test Run

After putting your winter ensemble all together, do a wear test. Move around a bit, including placing your arms out flat in front of you and folding them to ensure your outfit isn’t too stiff.

You want to be sure you have enough mobility under all those layers because aside from looking bulky, there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when you should be feeling nothing short of fabulous.

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