Boutique Clothing Tips: Choosing the Best Clothing for Your Body Type

Boutique clothing tips: Choosing the best clothing for your body type

Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While all bodies are beautiful, when it comes to clothing, an outfit that looks incredible on one woman may not look so flattering on another.

Dressing fabulously is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach. In order to truly stand out, you should be making clothes styling choices that flatter your unique body type, which will generally fall under one of four main categories.

When you’re aware of your specific body type and how to dress for it, shopping for clothing can become that much more simple, enjoyable, and free of hassle!

We believe that every woman should know the body type she most accurately represents in order to make dressing choices that are sure to flatter her specific physique.

How can I choose the best clothing for my body type?

The secret to choosing the most flattering and physique-appropriate clothing is learning how to create balance and proportion. This essentially comes down to picking pieces that accentuate certain areas, while minimizing others.

While all bodies are beautiful, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a larger booty, bosom, or stomach, achieving more of a visual balance with clothing can help you to look and feel your very best.

If you aren’t already familiar with your body type, then we’ll help you to identify it below, along with suggestions about the kinds of pieces to look for (and avoid) in order to always feel like the best dressed in the room.

Dressing for the 4 Women’s Body Types

1. The straight shape body type

If you’re a woman with a straight body type, you will typically have similar measurements of the hips, waist, and shoulders. Your body fat will generally be distributed quite evenly, which means you aren’t particularly curvy.

When it comes to dressing for the straight body type, you should be looking for tops in halter styles, tops in sleeveless varieties or with slim-fitting sleeves, in addition to tops with racerback straps in order to best flatter the arms. Tops with rounded necklines and scoop necks will help to emphasize the chest area, while the round lines will help to boost curviness and add an element of va-va-voom.

With regard to bottoms, choose mid-rise pants or jeans containing either a bootcut or wider leg in order to contribute to curve-boosting, as well. Dresses are generally an easy shop for the straight-shaped woman, as most dress styles will flatter this body type effortlessly. However, if you want to achieve more of an hourglass shape, look for styles containing a little bit of flare along with a visual break or seam at the waist.

2. The pear shape body type

If you’re a woman with a pear body type, you will generally have more fullness in the hips, thighs, and rear, while being smaller in the bust and shoulder area.

When it comes to dressing for the pear body type, choose bottoms such as high-waisted silhouettes, pencil skirts, and wide leg jeans to flatter your curvaceous figure. For added balance, pick tops that will bring more volume to your upper half/chest area (think blouses with puffy sleeves, V-necks, and pronounced necklines).

Furthermore, pear-shaped physiques can also achieve more of a visual balance when certain colours and patterns are used in the right areas. For example, pair lighter-coloured tops with darker bottoms to help minimize the bottom half while emphasizing the top half, and have some fun with tops that feature horizontal stripes to amp up the bust area.

When it comes to dressier styles, fit and flare skirts look fabulous on this type of shape, in addition to A-line dresses and wrap dresses that cinch the waist.

3. The apple shape body type

If you’re a woman with an apple body type, you will generally have hips that appear more narrow relative to the shoulder and bust area, and will typically contain more body weight around the tummy compared to around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

When it comes to dressing for the apple body type, you’ll want to emphasize your shapely, slender legs while shifting focus away from the upper half of the body. To do this, pair mid-rise, slim-fitting pants or skirts with loose-fitting tops to best compliment your shape and give you a flatteringly long, lean appearance.

Try to avoid thinner and clingy materials, but make more structured fabrics such as linen or denim your best friend. V-neck shirts and blouses also do well to elongate the torso and balance proportions.

Moreover, the classic LBD (little black dress) with a flowy A-line silhouette is sure to flatter, as it draws attention away from the tummy while celebrating the appropriate areas. Empire-line, bias-cut, and even wrap dresses will also compliment an apple shape. Also, of course, don’t feel like you need to shy away from fun dress colours and patterns.

4. The hourglass shape body type

Lastly, if you’re a woman with an hourglass body type, you will generally have visually or near-equal hip and bust measurements; however, your waist will be smaller by several inches creating an all-around hourglass figure.

When it comes to dressing for the hourglass body type, choose pieces that highlight your cinched middle, and avoid styles that are loose-fitting or boxy. Wear form-fitting pieces that hug your curves, including high-waisted and wide leg or bootcut jeans, belted waists, and leggings.

With regard to dresses, stick to the same rule of choosing small waist-accentuating pieces. Avoid straight-cut styles, empire waist dresses, low-waist skirts, or any skirts with a lot of volume, whether it be by way of ruffles, darts, pockets, or “poofy” elements (balloon skirts, we’re talking about you especially).

At the end of the day, wearing what makes you feel happiest is the most important thing of all, but dressing with your unique body shape in mind can help you to really stand out from the crowd and look your absolute best!

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